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IRC Shells

(with access to 128+ vhosts)

Single BNC
 1 pre-configured psyBNC process.

 This pre-configured psyBNC account is perfect for the beginner
 who knows nothing about unix.

 (No shell access) Limit 1-Irc connection


Starter Shell
 1 psyBNC processes (2 IRC/bnc connections max.)
 1 eggdrop process

 This account is intended for users who want to connect
 to 2 networks with psyBNC,
 or for the try-it-and-see eggdrop beginner botmaster.

 Additional Background Process - $2.25/mo each


Eggdrop Shell
 3 eggdrop processes, 40 Gig bandwidth quota

 The Eggdrop Shell is the perfect shell for the entry level bot-master.
 With 3 bots you can learn to share and link your eggdrop bots.

 Additional Background Process - $2.00/mo each


Basic Shell
 5 IRC related processes*, 60 Gig bandwidth quota

 Designed for the experienced bot-master, the Basic-Shell allows you
 to protect your channel, by parking 5 bots on multiple servers
 to protect against net-splits.

 Add a shell account on another server for $1.00/mo
 Additional Background Process - $1.50/mo each


Advanced Shell
 8 IRC related processes, 2 Shell Accounts
 120 Gig bandwidth quota

 The Mother-Of-All-Shells! Eggdrop Insanity!
 Need we say more?!!
 Second shell account available upon request.

 Additional Background Process - $1.25/mo each


Professional Shell
 8 processes, 3 Shell Accounts. 200 Gig bandwidth quota

 For the High-Bandwidth Serious User.


Shoutcast Shell
 1 Shoutcast process, 100 Gigs bandwidth quota


IRCd Shells

(includes 1 custom vhost)

Mini IRCd Shell  1 IRCd Process, 120 Meg disk, 100 Gigs bandwidth quota,
plus 1 other Process/Service


Basic IRCd Shell  1 IRCd Process, 300 Meg disk, 200 Gigs bandwidth quota,
 plus 2 other Processes/Services


Advanced IRCd Shell  1 IRCd Process, 400 Meg disk, 300 Gigs bandwidth quota,
 plus 3 other Processes/Services


Professional IRCd Shell  1 IRCd Process, 500 Meg disk, 400 Gigs bandwidth quota,
 plus 4 other Processes/Services


IRC Shell Add-ons

Custom Vhost For the individual with style who wants to create a personalized custom hostname for use on IRC.
(Hostname must be based on one of our (or your) existing domains and is subject to availability)


Exclusive/Private Vhost Same as Custom Vhost, but reserved for your exclusive use.


Additional Gb of transfer  


Additional Process (each)  


Web Hosting

Basic Web 5 Gig transfer, 100MB storage


Average Web 200 10 Gig transfer, 200MB storage


Advanced Web 500 15 Gig transfer, 500MB storage


Pro Web 30 Gig transfer, 1500MB storage


Extreme Web 40 Gig transfer, 1800MB storage


Ultimate Web 50 Gig transfer, 2000MB storage


Web hosting Add-ons

Additional 100MB storage  


Additionala Gig of transfer  


**NOTE: 1 Month FREE when you select the annual payment option for Eggdrop Shell and above.

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